House Cleaning Services Chevy Chase MD

Trusted, Consistent, Efficient Cleaning

House Cleaning Services Chevy Chase MD are available 6 days a week, during regular working hours. Whether you are at your job, out running errands, or enjoying your free time or a hobby, Maids Prime professional cleaners are available to come and make your home sparkling clean. You can choose to be at home while we are there taking care of the cleanliness of your house or apartment. However, you don’t have to be present. You can rely on Maids Prime to do an excellent job following your instructions, wishes, and needs.

Enjoy our house cleaning services in Chevy Chase MD and the surrounding places. Maids Prime cleaning company is located in Bethesda MD, at 6701 Democracy Blvd Suite 300.

Our dedicated and expert cleaning teams are available Monday to Friday 7:30 AM – 7:00 PM and on Saturdays 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM.

In case you have any questions for us, call us at 202-808-1166.

You can book our services in DC and Virginia as well.

Make Your Home in Chevy Chase MD Perfectly Clean 24/7

Maids Prime has an outstanding reputation in the state of Maryland as an affordable, efficient, and detailed house cleaning company that is worth every cent you pay for its services.

Best House Cleaning Service in Chevy Chase MD

Best House Cleaning Service in Chevy Chase MD

Our cleaning team is made of professional cleaning staff. They are fast, accurate and appreciate your home as their own. Maids Prime is trained to sanitize, clean and refresh your living or working space from top to bottom. No corner will stay unnoticed or skipped, guaranteed.

Our best recommendation and reference is made of a huge number of satisfied clients. They are not only our clients. Over time, using our cleaning services continually, they became our friends. This is the best guarantee that your Chevy Chase MD home can also become one of the many homes that are clean and organized 24/7 at an affordable price and on any schedule you need.

Maids Prime mission is to create a clean, safe and sparkling surroundings for you and your loved ones.

Save Your Time. Book Maids Prime.

Whether you live in Chevy Chase MD or any of the surrounding towns, Maids Prime cleaning team is available to make your home shine. Spend more time with your family and friends or enjoy your energy boosting hobbies. Then come back to your fresh home or office energized and ready to cope with new challenges.

Life is so beautiful when you have someone to rely on and count on, isn’t it? Embrace it, breathe it, grasp it. We can help you achieve this because that’s what we do.

We, at Maids Prime, really love our job and our job is to clean your home or office thoroughly in order to save your time and energy. Instead of spending your precious time in cleaning, trust us to do that job for you. Just tell us your preferences or any special requests and book our cleaning services today.

We Clean Wherever and Whenever You Need Us in Chevy Chase MD

There’s no place like home and we know that. Thanks to Maids Prime professional cleaning teams, you can enjoy the following cleaning services. Feel free to choose what you need!

  • Whole House and Apartment cleaning services, including Kitchen cleaning, Bathroom cleaning, Living room cleaning, Bedroom cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Construction cleaning services
  • One-time cleaning services
  • Move out/move in cleaning services

In addition, we can offer you deep cleaning services for both residential and commercial purposes in Chevy Chase MD.

With Maids Prime, you will get a peace of mind. Your home in Chevy Chase MD won’t be only clean, tidy, and organized, but also healthy and free of bacteria, mold, and rust. We are recognized by our green cleaning policy. This means that we do care about nature and our planet Earth. To protect both your home and environment in Chevy Chase MD, we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our mission is to protect your living/working space from bacteria, mold and all other dangerous and unwilling inhabitants. More importantly is to protect you and your loved ones from hazardous chemicals. Our Maids Prime teams of professionals are ready to meet all your special requirements concerning the choice of cleaning solutions.

Whole House And Apartment Cleaning Services Chevy Chase MD

We are experts in every field of Residential Cleaning Services including the whole house and apartment cleaning. We can sanitize and clean your Chevy Chase MD home from floor to ceilings. Let’s start with the kitchen.

Kitchen Cleaning Services Chevy Chase MD

The kitchen is possibly the most exposed room in your house. On the other hand, it’s important to keep it absolutely clean and safe because right there in your kitchen, you prepare food for you and your loved ones.

Maids Prime team is well experienced when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen to perfection. Our cleaning standards are the highest possible. We will clean and wash all the kitchen cabinets, scrub and wash kitchen sink, floor tiles, and backsplash, all the kitchen appliances and gadgets. Our team will carefully clean all the small and hidden corners such as drawers, light switches, light bulbs, and door handles. Thoroughly cleaning the window interiors and other glass areas in your kitchen and entire home as well is one of the priorities. Finally, we will take out the trash.

Bathroom Cleaning Services Chevy Chase MD

Bathrooms are also very delicate and need regular cleaning. Maids Prime dedicated cleaners will sanitize and clean your shower, bathtub, sink, toilet, light bulbs and light switches, door handles. They will also clean your wall, and floor tile, wash the mirrors and other glass areas. In the end, our professional cleaners will take out the trash from your fresh and sanitized bathroom.

Living Room Cleaning Services Chevy Chase MD

Living rooms are special rooms in your home, made for family and friends gatherings and reunions. That is why your living room should be impeccable and absolutely dust and dirt free. Maids Prime devoted cleaners will vacuum and deep clean every part of your living room.

Bedroom Cleaning Chevy Chase MD

Bedrooms are relaxing oasis in every home. That is why our special attention goes to your bedrooms. We will remove dust and dirt from the entire bedroom. Our professional team will clean all the reachable areas including the curtains, nightstands, carpets, mattresses, and floors. Changing your linens and making your beds in order to make your bedroom fresh and enjoyable is one of our priorities when cleaning bedrooms.

Maids Prime House Cleaning Service Review

Maids Prime House Cleaning Service Review

Commercial Cleaning Services in Chevy Chase MD

Whether your office is in Chevy Chase MD, or anywhere else in Maryland, Virginia, or DC, Maids Prime Commercial Cleaning Services are there for you. Your working space is very important and deserves a special treatment. In order to be productive and able to completely concentrate on your work, you need a clean and fresh working environment. Our professional team is very experienced when it comes to cleaning and refreshing working space from top to bottom. We can do it both as a one-time or regular service.

Construction Cleaning Services in Chevy Chase MD

We understand that construction phase can be very stressful. In order to make things easier for you, we can offer you the following Construction Cleaning Services:

  • Post Construction Site Clean Up
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor Protection and Waxing
  • Interior Window Washing
  • Wall Washing

Whether you need our regular or occasional cleaning services, our cleaners are there for you. We can tailor our One-Time Cleaning Services Chevy Chase MD according to your needs and special requirements.

Move out/move in phase can be very delicate and exhausting, but if you book our cleaning services, you can relax and trust our vast experience. We offer prompt and professional Move Out Cleaning/Moving In Cleaning Services. Maids Prime cleaners are well qualified and competent. We will clean your home or office from top to toes without mistakes or overlooked parts.

Chevy Chase MD – a Town That Has it All

In Chevy Chase MD, the sky’s the limit. According to The Guardian, the US Census American Community Survey ranked Chevy Chase Village as one of the 17 highest-income communities in the U.S. This gorgeous town is located on the border between the District of Columbia and Maryland. It is on a five-mile ride along Connecticut Avenue from the White House. Chevy Chase in Maryland is a tight-knit community of just under 2 thousand people living there. Chevy Chase Village is ”an affluent enclave of pricey homes, well-tended lawns, and hushed streets, as well as top-notch schools – although many families choose private schools”, as described in Bethesda Magazine. A popular home for visiting diplomats and their families, Chevy Chase MD is a tranquil community perfect for those who seek peace and good neighbors. The town bans commercial enterprises so you can find many exclusive stores there like Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Bulgari.

Choose Maids Prime Cleaning Services for Your Chevy Chase MD Home or Office

Maids Prime professional home cleaners are faultless in providing house cleaning services. Our clients respect our professional cleaning teams for being fast, efficient, and trustworthy.

We offer a wide range of affordable expert services not only in Chevy Chase MD. You can book cleaning services with us if you are located anywhere in Maryland, Virginia, or DC.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our cleaning services or simply book cleaning services and schedule our visit according to your needs and preferences.

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