House cleaning services in Bethesda, MD are available for you to schedule, afford and enjoy today. Maids Prime professionals make a difference in your home and save your time and energy, at low cost. If you are in need of professional house cleaning services in Bethesda MD and you wonder: ”Are there any reliable, efficient but affordable cleaning services near me”, we will help you! Maids Prime home cleaning service crew is near you in Bethesda, MD, at 6701 Democracy Blvd Suite 300. Conveniently located, we are able to help you Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM – 7:00 PM and on Saturdays 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM. Give us a call at (202) 808-1166 or book cleaning services right away.

We deeply believe that a clean, safe, and healthy home is a basic requirement for a happy life. Do you want to excel at what you do? How would you like to spend more time with your family and the people you love? Would you like to have more time for your hobbies? All of this is possible with our house cleaning services Bethesda MD. Our mission is making homes in Bethesda sparkling clean, safe and healthy. We love what we do and we excel at it. Why don’t you try the same? Hire us today!


We know that every home and client is special. One of our key points is to respect your home as our own, as well as to make it clean and safe for you and your loved ones. In short, we can organize house cleaning services Bethesda MD according to your budget, expectations, needs and any special requirements. Maids Prime house cleaning services Bethesda MD are top-rated in the area for many reasons. We guarantee from top to toes cleaning. Also, we are always open to understand and accomplish your ideas, needs, and special requirements. Perfection is our second name. Book our services today and enjoy the benefits of Maids Prime house cleaning services Bethesda MD.


Cleaning of entire house can be such an exhausting and time-wasting undertaking. That’s why Maids Prime is here, to save you time and energy. Keep in mind that both your time and energy are valuable and you shouldn’t waste them on things or undertakings that don’t make you happy. Maids Prime house cleaning services Bethesda MD are here to make your life easier. We believe everyone should do what they best know. You should have enough time to spend with your family and friends in order to recharge your batteries and cope with everyday challenges in the best possible manner. Our job is to help you realize this. We will clean your home from floors to the ceiling. Cleaning is our job and we love our job. Maids Prime guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and the flawless results.


House cleaning services Bethesda MD by Maids Prime are recognizable due to professional and outstanding quality. We, at Maids Prime, are committed to clients’ satisfaction. During the years of our devoted work, we have managed to create a strong bond with our clients based on trust and the highest quality service.

Our house cleaning services include the following:

  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Living room cleaning
  • Bedroom cleaning
  • Whole house cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Maids Prime Bethesda cleaning services will make your kitchen shimmer and shine. We know that kitchen is the core place in your home and that’s why it’s essential to keep it clean and safe. We can clean your kitchen from the floor to the ceiling, including the complete and detail cleaning of your kitchen cabinets, appliances, and gadgets. We can reach all the hidden places and corners in your kitchen and clean them from dirt. Your kitchen must be faultless and absolutely dirt and bacteria free because there you prepare food for you and your loved ones.

Maids Prime Cleaning professional team will thoroughly wash, scrub and clean your oven, microwave, sink, appliances, countertops, floor tiles, and backsplash. Our cleaning services involve cleaning of the lightbulbs and door handles as well as taking out the trash from your precious kitchen.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

The bathroom is possibly the hardest room in your house for cleaning and its weakest point. Due to its service, your bathroom is the potential source of many dangerous health distractors. Luckily, we are here to keep your bathroom clean and safe. Regular cleaning of your bathroom reduces the existence of various health concerning distractors. Also, it’s very important to point out we use eco-friendly chemicals in order to prevent your bathroom and other rooms in your house from allergens.

Maids Prime team of professionals will literally clean the whole bathroom with great attention to details. They will carefully sanitize your sink, shower/bathtub, the toilet, walls, floor. Our team will also wash the light switches, door handles, all the mirrors and window interiors. In the end, they will even take out the trash, as well as all recyclables.

Living Room House Cleaning Services Bethesda MD

Living rooms are designed with the main focus on gathering the whole family. In order to relax and spend enjoyable time with your loved ones you really do need a clean living room. There’s a belief that dirty places attract negative energy. Our job is to clean your living room thoroughly in order to create the best possible atmosphere in your living room and entire home.

Since we spend most of our time exactly in the living room, frequent vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning are very important to make sure you live in a healthy environment.

Maids Prime impeccable professional team will deep clean your living room from top to bottom. No place or corner will stay unseen or overlooked. We can promise you that.

Bedroom House Cleaning Services Bethesda MD

Bedrooms are very special rooms in your home. Their purpose is to make you feel relaxed and calm. In order to achieve this, you need to keep your bedrooms clean and fresh. Maids Prime team will get rid of any threatening health distractors. We will wash and dry the floors, vacuum dust from curtains, nightstands, mattresses, as well as from all other reachable surfaces in your bedrooms. Also, we will make your beds and change the linens in order to make that final touch in creating your fresh, safe and clean oasis.