Construction Cleaning Services

Safe & Efficient Post Construction Cleaning

Construction cleaning by Maids Prime provides you with 100% reliable and safe service. With our vast experience and expertise, we specialize in business and residential construction cleaning in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Your business office or site will be clean, organized, and open for business in no time when our cleaning crew finishes cleaning. If you have renovated your house, apartment or a specific room in your home, Maids Prime cleaners will make sure that you can get back to your normal life fast.

We do all the hazardous work of cleaning up after a construction project efficiently, quickly, and safely. Don’t expose yourself to bad air quality full of dust or stringent chemicals. Our professional cleaners are highly trained and well equipped to safely and efficiently handle and properly finish post construction cleaning for you.

Maids Prime cleaning crew is up to the task of construction cleaning. They are ready to step in for you right away. We have experience, knowledge, expertise, and equipment to handle any size of post construction cleaning in any area of Maryland, Virginia, and DC.

construction cleaning services in virginia, dc, and maryland maids prime bethesda md

Maids Prime Construction Cleaning Services in MD, VA, and DC

Construction Cleaning Service for Commercial Construction Projects

Are you just starting your business and you’ve built a new office or site? Are you renovating your commercial site or office? Book post construction cleaning service with us and we’ll get you ready for your business hours schedule in no time.  Don’t hesitate to contact us!

We will remove all the debris, clean the floors, walls, ceilings, and interior windows. After we finish, we will do one final walk through clean up. We want to make sure everything is spick and span. With Maids Prime, your business site or office will be perfectly clean after construction – from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall. We are thorough, fast, and reliable, and we will complete construction clean up professionally and to the finest details.

Maids Prime is located in Bethesda Maryland. However, we provide construction cleaning services to businesses and offices in Maryland, Virginia, and DC areas. With us, your business gets value-added post construction cleaning service with convenient flexibility. We can work around your schedule without inconveniencing your visitors, clients, or customers.

Set your business for success and get to work in a brand new or remodeled space with Maids Prime! We will get you ready for the grand opening with our unmatched construction cleaning service, experience, knowledge, expertise, and tools that are crucial for delivering best possible results.

Book cleaning service with Maids Prime if you need construction cleaning anywhere in Maryland, Virginia or DC for a corporate building, school, retail space, shopping center, condominium, or short-term rentals like Airbnb or student housing. We will work with you or your contractors to finish the job fast.

Construction Cleaning Service for Residential Construction Projects

We know what to do after sanding drywall, and much, much more, so look no further! If you thought that your home will need hours and hours of post construction cleaning, you haven’t met us yet.

Regardless of the size of your residential construction project, we will make sure it’s safe and clean. Whether it’s only one room, an apartment, or entire house, we will make it tidy and ready to for use in full capacity. We will take care of even the most tedious post construction cleaning tasks for you. Our crew will first remove all the debris and complete composite cleaning. We excel in tile and grout cleaning of ceramic, porcelain, and any other tiles. Dirt and grime stand no chance against our powerful cleaning tools. If you have sensitive surfaces like marble or granite countertops and floors in your home, you can feel safe. Maids Prime provides admirable natural stone, marble and granite cleaning.

construction cleaning review maids prime

Maids Prime Construction Cleaning Review

Post construction cleaning service is a one-time cleaning service that we will finish in a record timeframe. However, if you like our expertise and you’re satisfied with the results, feel free to book cleaning service on a regular basis. You can choose and pick weekly, 2-weeks, or 4-weeks schedule.

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

Here is a detailed post construction cleaning checklist to give you information on what to expect from our cleaning professionals.

  • Clean all scuffs, smudges, and dirt off the walls
  • Dust ceilings and ceiling fans
  • Clean doors, trim, baseboards, window frames
  • Vacuum carpet
  • Clean and polish all floors
  • Wipe down all windows interior
  • Clean all light fixtures and bulbs
  • Remove and dispose of all garbage, packagings, and plastic
  • Clean electrical switches and outlets

Kitchen and Bath Post Construction Cleaning

  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect drawers and shelves
  • Clean countertops, cabinets (inside and exterior), backsplashes, mirrors, glass
  • Dust mop floors and walls
  • Clean appliances on top, inside, out, and under
  • Remove all packaging and throw away garbage

Entry Post Construction Cleaning

  • Clean doors and remove any stickers, debris, or paint
  • Tidy and clean entryway
  • Clean threshold
  • Wipe lights and bulbs

Construction Cleaning Rates

Construction cleaning rates are slightly different for residential and for commercial premises. For example, an average construction cleaning rate in metropolitan DC and Washington area is $126 – $233, on average $179, $95 for low-end and $350 for high-end projects. An estimated project timeline duration is 4 hours.

Commercial cleanup after construction in the US generally costs between $0.10 and $0.30 per square foot, while residential cleanup jobs range from $0.10-$0.50 per square foot. Waxing and buffing wood floors are premium post construction cleaning service that costs about $308 on average.

Maids Prime post construction service price beats all other. Book cleaning service today and check why we are the best choice in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.