Spring Cleaning List – Tips & Tricks with FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST

by persist - March 9, 2018

Spring cleaning time is here!

This time of the year is always a great opportunity to freshen up our homes, to open the windows wide, let fresh air inside, organize our living space, and make it efficient, clean, and happy. Throw out the winter blues from your home by following this Spring Cleaning List. Clean your home room by room and get a head start to jauntily enjoy beautiful seasons of spring and summer that await.

Follow each tutorial of our Spring Cleaning List to make all rooms in your home thoroughly and fully clean.

It may seem to you that there are many tasks. Be aware that some of these tasks are very small and that you will be able to do them quickly. However, if you are otherwise engaged and have many more tasks of different nature on your hands, or if you simply don’t want to do the thorough spring cleaning by yourself, you can always book cleaning services with us.

We also prepared a Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist for your convenience. It’s good to have this checklist handy while you are cleaning your home room by room rather than having to run to your computer all the time.

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Spring Cleaning List - Tips & Tricks by Maids Prime

Spring Cleaning List – Tips & Tricks by Maids Prime

When to Start Spring Cleaning

The best time to start spring cleaning is in March. This month is the best because it is getting warm enough to open the windows wide open, but still not warm enough for insects to be a problem. March is characteristic for its high winds that can carry the dust piled up over the winter from the house.

This is why it is no wonder that there is even US National Cleaning Week from March 26 to April 1. This is a great time to declutter you homes, to clean out the closets, basements, attics, and storage lockers, and let the freshness in.

However, April is also a great month to do the spring cleaning while some households like to start even earlier than March with decluttering and preparing their living space for thorough spring cleaning.

How to Spring Clean

Spring cleaning isn’t your typical tidying up, organizing, dusting or sweeping. It requires a certain determination, planning, and organizing your time and scheduling tasks in order to make it effective and to get maximum benefits from the time you spend cleaning. Although spring cleaning may seem like a daunting process, it comes down to simple tasks that usually can be done in a reasonable amount of time. If you don’t have the time to do a thorough clean up, you can always book cleaning with us. We will be happy to make your home sparkling clean, shiny, tidy, and festive for the grand arrival of the spring.

To make your spring cleaning process fast and effective, follow this Spring Cleaning List planning process.

Spring Cleaning List - Tips & Tricks

Spring Cleaning Strategy by Maids Prime

Develop Spring Cleaning Strategy

When you invest some of your time into careful strategy planning, spring cleaning process will progress quickly and smoothly. Often, the strategy proves to be crucial to the success. It will also ease or completely take away the stress of not knowing how to progress. With your own spring cleaning strategy, you will get more efficient, stress-free cleaning system.

Schedule House Cleaning

The number of days you’ll spend spring cleaning will depend on how big or cluttered your home is. Spring cleaning usually takes 1 to 2 days.

Declutter Your Home

When you get rid of all the stuff you don’t need and don’t use anymore, it will be a lot easier for you to organize your home, to see where d you need to clean, dust, sweep, etc. When you declutter your living space, all nooks and crannies will open up and you won’t have any trouble reaching them. To get rid of the stuff you don’t need or don’t use, you don’t have to throw them out. One of the options is to give away the stuff that clutters your space. You can find out how to donate those items or you can even organize a garage sale. While decluttering your space and making sure you’re keeping just the stuff you need, use, or enjoy, make sure you know how to pack, box up, and label items you don’t need. Organize and label the things you’re giving away as well as the stuff you’re keeping. Post-its can serve greatly to this purpose. Use them to to label the things you will ”trash”, ”donate”, ”store”, ”wash”, or ”keep.

Spring Cleaning List - Tips & Tricks

Spring Cleaning Organizing Tips & Tricks by Maids Prime

Get Cleaning Supplies

Getting all cleaning supplies prior to the commence of the spring cleaning is crucial. Buying the best and most effective cleaning supplies will make your spring cleaning process run smoothly and quickly. You probably already have most of the cleaning supplies needed, but you should check your storage and make sure there is enough. Keep this cleaning supplies checklist in mind when you investigate your storage or when you go to the store to buy cleaning supplies for spring cleaning.

Here is our Cleaning Supplies Basic Checklist. We made it printable for your convenience, so you can carry it with you and make sure not to forget anything.

  • Spring Cleaning Supplies Checklist

    • All-purpose cleaner
    • Rubber gloves
    • Microfiber cloths and soft rags
    • Sponge
    • Duster
    • Broom with dustpan
    • Wet mop and bucket
    • Vacuum
    • Laundry detergent
    • Dishwasher detergent
    • Bathroom cleaner
    • Glass cleaner
    • Cabinet cleaner
    • Furniture polish
    • Carpet spot cleaner

When you get all the items from the list or make sure you have enough, store all the products and cleaning items that you will be using the most in an easily accessible container. This will be practical when you start spring cleaning. Cleaning room by room will be a lot easier when you carry all of your cleaning supplies with you in one basket.

Stay Focused – Clean Your House Room by Room

If you took the time to develop your spring cleaning strategy, to think about what needs to be given away, what should be kept, and to plan, starting the cleaning process won’t be stressful. One of the important imperatives of spring cleaning is – Don’t Try to Do Everything at Once. Trying to do all rooms at the same time will only set you back and you’ll end up spending more time cleaning that you would need if you cleaned one room at a time. Stay focused by concentrating your efforts on one room at the time. The order will depend solely on you and on the layout of your interior and rooms. In general, the bathroom is the room that is usually done last.

Spring Cleaning Important Tips & Tricks

✨ You can start your thorough cleaning with any room you prefer.

✨ The most important thing is not to forget to clean all those nooks and crannies you usually forget to clean or dust. Regardless of how often we vacuum, clean, swipe, and dust, there are always some small spots around the house that we, unintentionally, usually overlook.

✨ Make sure to vacuum all the floors thoroughly, get under the couch cushions and under the couch itself to vacuum all specks of dust and crumbs.

✨ When you’re dusting, make sure to remove all the items in all of the rooms to actually clean all the surfaces and corners. If you dust just around the items, avoiding to move them, the dust will continue to circulate in your home. Don’t just dust around things—remove all of the items so you can clean the actual surface of the shelf.

✨ Don’t forget your TV and other remotes, light switches, door handles, and toothbrush holders. These are the places where bacteria builds up quickly and spreads out easily, so make sure to wipe them down with an antibacterial solution.

✨ Now is the time to pay attention to all the tiny cracks and crannies that you usually don’t scrub but they need a good scrubbing. You can scrub the spaces like the tracks of your windows and the space behind the toilet using some vinegar and an old toothbrush. Vinegar is an effective and safe cleaning solution, while the toothbrush is small enough to reach even the tiniest crevices.

Spring Cleaning List - Tips & Tricks by Maids Prime

Spring Cleaning List – Tips & Tricks by Maids Prime

House Cleaning Checklist for All Rooms

Here is the universal list that contains cleaning tasks that you will be doing in all rooms of your home:

House Cleaning Checklist for All Rooms

  • Open the windows to let the fresh air inside.
  • Clean the window pane and sill.
  • Wash the window screen.
  • Clean the blinds.
  • Wash the curtains.
  • Wipe down the walls.
  • Wipe down all lighting fixtures.
  • Wipe down doors, vents, furnishings, and cabinets.
  • Vacuum/sweep the floor.
  • Mop the floor or shampoo the carpet.
  • Organize all the items in the room and get rid of those that you don’t need.
  • Empty all cabinets and drawers. Wipe them out. Organize them


Spring Cleaning Checklist for Bedroom – Printable

Bedroom is the place where you should be able to relax after a long day. Make sure to use this season to make it dust-free.

Organize it well and create a serene space perfect for unwinding.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Dust all surfaces.
  • Dust away spider webs.
  • Wipe the windows and the mirrors with window cleaner solution.
  • Vacuum the mattress.
  • Vacuum the space under the bed.
  • Change the linens.
  • Start the laundry.
  • Vacuum and sweep the floor.
  • Organize your shelves and cabinets.

Living Room Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist

Living room is one of the most used rooms in any home. This is, after kitchen, the most important space where family members sit down to spend some quality time together.

Spring Cleaning List - Tips & Tricks

Living Room Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks by Maids Prime

Because we use living room a lot, we tend to keep it clean and organized. However, now is the perfect time to let the light in and reach all those hidden corners, nooks and crannies that we on a regular basis, don’t bother to reach. Here is here’s the printable living room cleaning checklist that pulls all the cleaning steps together.

Living Room Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist

  • Dust all the furnishings – tables, dressers, bookshelves.
  • Dust electronics.
  • Clean out the fireplace.
  • Spot clean furniture.
  • Wipe down and sanitize telephone, remote controls, light switches, and door handles.
  • Vacuum the cushions and mattresses.
  • Clean the upholstery.
  • Vacuum and sweep the floor.
  • Donate unwanted items you and your family are not using anymore, box them up and label them.
  • Organize the music, CD’s, DVD’s, and books.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist

Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen is perhaps the most demanding one – it needs our attention not just every day, but at least three times a day. The more we use it, the more we need to clean it. However, we don’t always manage to clean it thoroughly. Items pile up in the cabinets and in the fridge, backsplash gets greasy, and cleaning the oven is certainly not sour favorite activity. In fact, it is probably the one we dislike the most.

Spring Cleaning List - Tips & Tricks

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks by Maids Prime

If you find spring cleaning your kitchen and giving it a good scrub daunting, or you simply don’t have enough time, you can call us, book cleaning services, and we will clean your kitchen in detail instead of you. If you, however, choose to do it by yourself, here are the steps:

  • Kitchen Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist

    • Clear all kitchen counters of anything that doesn’t belong there.
    • Fill the kitchen sink with hot water and squirt a few drops of dish liquid. Drop in and wash all the items that need soaking.
    • Remove all the items from the fridge and freezer and wipe down all the shelves.
    • Get rid of the items you no longer need, use, or any food that has expired.
    • Clean the oven, stove, cooktop.
    • Wipe down appliances: microwave, refrigerator, toaster, juice maker, coffee maker, etc.
    • Empty, clean, and organize the kitchen cabinets.
    • Wipe down cabinet exterior.
    • Wipe down the backsplash.
    • Wipe down the countertops.
    • Clean your dishwasher inside and out.
    • Clean and sanitize the sink, faucet, and drain.
    • Refresh your garbage disposal with a lemon.
    • Sweep the floor.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist

Just as kitchens, bathrooms need to be cleaned and sanitized often. However, unlike other rooms in any home, bathrooms cannot be considered clean if they are cleaned only superficially. If not cleaned properly, if there are mold and scum build-ups, a bathroom is a health hazard. Doctors say that if you clean your bathroom regularly and practice good hygiene, there’s very little risk from the bathroom germs you’ll find there.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning List - Tips & Tricks

Bathroom Spring Cleaning by Maids Prime

If your bathroom needs a deep clean, contact us, book cleaning services, and we’ll take care of it for you. If your bathroom is in a good shape, use this spring cleaning season to organize it and get rid of the items you don’t use anymore. Here is the Bathroom Spring Cleaning List:

  • Bathroom Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist

    • Clean and sanitize the toilet inside and out.
    • Clean the ventilation fan.
    • Clean the tile, grout, and walls.
    • Clean the shower, tub, and drain.
    • Clean and organize cabinets and shelves.
    • Clean the sink, faucet, and drain.
    • Wipe down the mirror.
    • Change the towels.

After you are done with all the rooms, don’t forget to refresh your home with some beautiful flowers or a new plant. Greens make a space look lovely, clean, and fresh, but they also improve our well-being. Some plants can clear the air and improve indoor air quality, while all plants will boost up our mood, energy, and health.

Spring clean your home, let the fresh air in, organize and stage your items and objects to your liking and inspiration, and refine and reinvent your home. This is a great way to start the new season and get ready for the long-awaited summer.

If you prefer not to do the spring cleaning by yourself, you need extra deep clean, you work all day long and don’t really want to spend your weekend cleaning and scrubbing, call us to help you! If you live anywhere in the DC, Virginia, or Maryland area, our skillful, licensed, trained, and respectful professional cleaners will give your rooms new, fresh look and clean every nook and cranny in detail.

Check out Maids Prime residential cleaning service deals and book cleaning services today.

Spring Cleaning List - Tips & Tricks with FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST
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Spring Cleaning List - Tips & Tricks with FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST
This time of the year is always a great opportunity to freshen up our homes, to open the windows wide, let fresh air inside, organize our living space, and make it efficient, clean, and happy.