5 Tips To Keep In Mind While Hiring A House Cleaning Service

by persist - January 31, 2017

The choice of hiring a house cleaning service or maidservice is merely a personal choice that has its merits and demerits. For instance, some people consider it a privacy intrusion when strangers enter their homes for such purposes. On the contrary, some might consider home cleaning service as a blessing in disguise saving your precious time and energy. Here are a few tips that you need to take into consideration while hiring a house cleaning service.


  • Always opt for referrals


You have to be really careful while choosing a house cleaning service. Selecting a home cleaning company is similar to that of selecting a doctor. Mostly, either we pick a doctor which is referred by friends or family or we try our luck. In this case, the only thing that works differently is the safety of the house and personal belongings. Therefore, it is recommended to find a cleaning service company which can provide you references to contact for your satisfaction. You can also discuss with the neighbors, friends, and family for recommendation.


  • Interview them over the phone prior to home visit


Majority of the home cleaning Montgomery services offer free consultation of your residential or commercial place. They will be all set to come to your place to give an estimate of the service you require after evaluating your home. Before you invite them to your place, it is important to ask them a few question over the phone such as:

      • The type of products they will use?
      • Do they have a license?
      • Are they bonded and will be responsible in case of damage or theft of property?
      • Can they provide you valid contacts for references?


  • Make sure to stay with your cleaning representative upon visit


Once you have decided to hire a cleaning service, call them over to your house for a price estimate of the services you require. Most companies will quote a price on the basis of the work that needs to be done, the size of the home, and the time required. Therefore, make sure to stay with the cleaning representative to get everything in order.

Also, try to keep your home in the usual state as it is. Do not start cleaning before their visit as it will defeat the purpose of hiring someone to do the exact same.